5 Best Drinks To Have With Tacos

Some people ask me why tacos are my favorite food? The thing people don’t understand about tacos is how much they reflect the person ordering them. Take a second to think about how you order your tacos? You have it nailed, don’t you? You have your favorite meats and your favorite toppings. You add a little lemon. Maybe you drench that son of a bitch in sauce like I do? There’s a certain poetic beauty to the divine ritual of ordering a taco. Once you do it, there is only one question you have left to answer:

Algo más?

You just finished carefully crafting the perfect order and now you’re thrown this fucking curveball that can potentially throw off your entire feast! Never fear. Your taco sommelier is here to help and guide you towards the perfect pairing for those tres de Asada y tres de Chorizo.

So in no particular order, here are the five best beverages to drink when wolfing down some tacos.


1. Horchata

This is the classic drink of choice. In fact, you can probably have a whole blog dedicated to the different horchatas at all the taco places in LA. This Mexican delicacy is just as unique as the tacos it compliments. Not two of them are alike (unless you go for that pre-made stuff) and honestly, that’s why it’s not my drink of choice. Can you imagine taking a bite of the perfect Buche with just the right amount of spice and then washing it down with a sip of overly-cinnamoned rice shit?

It can seriously fuck the whole thing up and I’m not one to take those kinds of risks with my tacos. Its lack of consistency from place to place coupled with its watery-sweet flavor just gets a pass from me, personally, but now I feel like I’m leaving all my horchata lovers out there behind. Horchata can actually compliment your tacos very nicely. It fights the spiciness while providing a milky-sweet refreshing gulp getting you ready for the next bite. Its dessert-like properties with a dash of cinnamon that almost makes you feel like you’re eating some arroz con leche. If that’s your thing then this is the right choice for you. Not for me but hey, I threw it on the list and made it the first thing I talked about so put away your damn pitchforks.

2. Jamaica

Oh you perfectly purple piece of pure passionate pleasure. Alliteration aside, this is probably one of the best achievements since the personal computer. Just sweet enough tickle your taste buds but with a curious tang that fucks with your emotions. Jamaica won’t reply after a few texts but once in a while it’ll send you a snap and always watches your story. It’s just playing games but that’s what makes you want it even more. Not to mention its sweetness bringing perfect balance to the force by matching the savoriness of the taco you’re pairing it with.

And don’t call it hibiscus tea or I’ll kick you. (I bet a lot of you didn’t even know it was hibiscus. See, I’m teaching you something new here)

3. Jarritos

I had a serious inner struggle trying to decide if a particular flavor will make the list or if I should include Jarritos as a whole. I went with Jarritos as a whole because this case called for something more than flavor to take into account. There is a cultural significance to consider. You can’t just get a Jarritos with your Famous Star or walk out with a 2 Liter Tamarindo at your local Little Caesar’s. It’s strictly reserved for the gift of gods we like to refer to as Mexican cuisine. Jarritos and Mexican food just go hand in hand like death and the Stark family. It’s sweet, bubbly as all hell, and most importantly, great with tacos. If you haven’t tried one yet, grab any color you like and chug that bad boy down. Guaranteed to be amazing.

4. Mexican Coke

It’s more than its unique taste. Mexican Coke is nostalgic to a time before this microwave high fructose corn syrup GMO bullshit. Its iconic glass bottle makes you feel like you are sipping on a piece of history. And yes, the real sugar just makes it taste better. Me, being a photographer and all, find that there is just a romantic aesthetic to having a glass Coke bottle next to a plate of tacos so out of symbolism alone, you should consider this beverage. As for taste, I don’t have to tell you how Coke tastes but if you haven’t tried a Mexican Coke then just know it taste like when you find a new show on Netflix and there are just enough seasons for you to binge but not too many that there are spoilers all over the internet. Throw in some tacos and you have a match made in heaven.

5. Ice Cold Beer

I know I started this list saying that I am not placing these drinks in any particular order but I lied. Beer is hands down the perfect drink of choice. I’m not a huge fan of sweets and if you notice, most drinks available are sweet so it’s natural for me to favor the only one that caters to my taste buds. When I think about having a delicious plate of tacos, it isn’t perfect unless it has an ice cold beer right beside it. The thing is, you probably won’t be able to get one especially at your corner taco stand. You’d have to be in a Mexican restaurant or in the comfort of your home to enjoy this mouth-watering combination. This is what makes it so special. Yea, everyone will have horchata but you won’t find beer at every taco spot. It’s truly a delicacy reserved for special occasions. A simple explanation of how great beer is can never do it justice so I’ve written a Haiku hoping to at least slightly capture the essence of its grace:

Oh glorious brew
Drown me with your icy kiss
Golden Perfection

So that’s that, folks. My apologies if your drink of choice didn’t make the cut but here are a few honorable mentions:

Manzanita Sol (soooo close to making the cut), Tamarindo, Agua de Piña, Lemonade, Squirt, Micheladas (notice it’s plural), and water.



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