Swipe Right For Tacos

I’m about to deliver what I believe to be a game changer in the taco world. Hell, it’s probably a game changer in the foodie world in general. I do this free of charge hoping one of you brilliant minds out there reads this and decides to execute my vision. If one of you out there is so inclined to make this thing happen, all I ask is for you not to Zuckerberg my shit. Give credit where credit is due.

Without further ado, the idea that will change the world as we know it:

Taco Tinder

Yes. I know. “Luis, you fucking brilliant human being. You genius Steve Jobs son of a bitch. You would think up something so clever.”

This is how it works. Follow along and pay close attention while I blow your minds.

How many times do you sit around and ask yourself what you feel like eating? Finally, once you decide on tacos (the obvious choice every time) you can’t decide where you want to go! I’d even venture to say you haven’t tried all the taco spots within a 10-mile radius. You probably have that one spot you like nearby but you don’t know what other places you’ve overlooked! Maybe you even want to venture off and explore taco spots outside your comfort zone? What now? Yelp?

Do you really want to scroll through all these places trying to figure out which is right for you?

Now picture this. You open up your app. Taco Tinder (brought to you by LA Taco Blog). There you see a delicious taco de chorizo topped with bomb salsa, onions, some cilantro perhaps? You say hmm looks good but maybe there’s better shit out there. Swipe left.

Then comes up a hard shell “taco” with lettuce. Swipe the fuck left.

Finally, you see this masterful display of beauty on a handmade corn tortilla and your mouth waters. It’s almost a sexual experience but you pull back because that would be frowned upon. Still, you can’t help yourself. It’s too mouth watering for you to pass up. You need that taco inside you. You and that taco need to become one. Swipe right.

It’s a match!

Out pops the taco spots profile. Full menu. Damn baby gurlllll.

Cabeza, pastor, tripas, asada, buche, oh what? Lengua?

You hit a button and there are some options. If the spot offers Uber Eats, Grub Hub or whatever food delivery app of choice then it can take you there directly. If not, you have the address there and it takes you to your GPS or calls an Uber and imports the address for you.

Whatever you decide, you’ll be on your way to a new and lasting taco relationship.

Now I know that this groundbreaking idea can probably be expanded to include more than just tacos but this is a taco blog and we keep it 100. Just some Sunday thoughts. Do with them what you will.

You’re welcome.


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