About Me

My name is Luis and I think having such a common Latin American name should give me enough credibility to write a taco blog, right? If it isn’t enough for you then you’ll just have to trust my years of taco eating experience and pushing my spice tolerance beyond human capacity. Okay, not really but I’ve tried some pretty fucking spicy food. In all seriousness, I’m just a guy who loves tacos and I’m doing this because I want to find the BEST tacos in my city, Los Angeles.

I decided to do this blog because something interesting happened after a conversation with some friends. I realized that when you claim to know the best taco spot around, someone always says you’re wrong and tells you their favorite spot. There is no real way of finding out who’s right other than trying for yourself so that’s what I decided to do. I am on this never-ending journey to document my taco eating experience and hopefully shed some light on a few places around the city so that you can either decide to visit them or pass.

I figure a blog would be a hell of a lot better to read than some lame ass Yelp review since those aren’t always accurate and most decent taco spots get 5 stars because anyone who thinks a taco not on a hard shell or sold at a drive through is amazing.

So by no means am I some self-proclaimed taco expert nor am I a culinary expert for that matter. I just unapologetically love tacos and writing about them makes a lot of sense.


(All photographs taken by me. If you dig the pics, please check out my photography on Instagram @lxgphoto)